How it works

How does work is an independent currency exchange comparator, free for users, in Portugal.

Every day we compare the exchange prices of 66 currencies in several currency suppliers in Portugal, both for sale and purchase of currencies. These suppliers have offices at street level where you can pick up your currency and pay for it (or obtain euros in return).

The following suppliers collaborate with

None of them charge you a commission and their exchange rates are really competitive. Many times better than those of the Portuguese banks, which also charge practically all of them a commission of 2.5 to 3% on the amount you exchange with them.

No bank collaborates with us, nor does the currency supplier Unicâmbio, which has branches at the Portuguese airports, but with less interesting rates. There must be a reason. Keep that in mind.

Buy foreign currency with euros

If you want to buy currencies such as dollars, pounds, pesos, crowns, swiss francs, reais, etc. using Cambiator is very easy.

From the home page, select the currency you want to buy, the amount in euros and choose the town from which to withdraw your currency. This type of currency purchase with euros can only be made in a physical office after booking online with us.

The average order when buying foreign currency exchange is usually 1,000 euros for long-term trips, 600 euros for medium-term trips, and around 200 euros for weekend getaways.

You can also search for the currency to buy from our “Buy currencies” page, which has a list of the 66 currencies that Cambiator handles.

By clicking on the green “Compare” button, you will go to the sale page for the euro and the currency you want.

For example, if you want dollars, you will see the currency supplier that sell you dollars in your city, ordered by rate (from the best euro to dollar exchange rate to the least interesting exchange rate).

Next to each supplier you will see their name, the exchange rate of the day, the Cambiator valuation and the “Confirm” button.

Confirm your reservation

By clicking on one of the green “Confirm” button, a pop-up window will open that will ask for your name, email and mobile.

These data will be used exclusively to send instructions to your mailbox to make your currency purchase and your code to present at the branch. Cambiator does not spam.

Follow the instructions in the email you will receive and go to the branch with the exclusive code that we will have sent you or go to the website of the exchange office that we indicate and make your reservation with pick-up at the branch at the rates you have seen on Cambiator. That is easy!

Sell foreign currency in exchange for euros

If what you want is to exchange any currency other than the euro (dollars, pounds, swiss francs) for euros, using Cambiator is also very easy.

From the home page, select in the second tab (Sell currency for Euros) the currency you have and in the field “Currency to exchange for Euros” the amount of that currency in banknotes (no loose currency, please). Enter your population and click on “Compare rates“.

You can also look for the currency to exchange for euros from our “Exchange currency for euros” page, which has a list with the 66 currencies that Cambiator handles.

The important thing about this type of currency sale for euros is that it can only be done in a physical office after booking online with us. In other words, you cannot order a currency collection service at home in exchange for euros. Therefore you must select a population where you deliver your currencies and receive euros.

Confirm your reservation

By clicking on the green “Compare” button, you will go to the sale page of the currency that you have against the euro in the indicated population. For example, if you want to change dollars to euros, on the entity list type page you will see:

  • You must first select a town to see the offices of each supplier near you.
  • You will see the list of suppliers in that town, ordered by rate from best to worst (those that give you the most euros for your currency first).
  • You will have to choose the supplier and the office that most interests you. And when you click on “Confirm”, you must fill in the pop-up window with your name, email and mobile data. You will receive an email from Cambiator with a coupon code to present at the office along with your identity document and your foreign currency.

In this modality, you will receive the euros from your online reservation in hand (in some cases it may be necessary to book in advance on the website of the chosen currency supplier: free of charge and in one minute). But the exchange will be done in a physical office of the chosen exchange house.

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